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Brand Identity

When you hear the words Apple, Microsoft or Coke you don't just think of a logo, you have a connection to that product. THAT is what your company's brand should do to consumers, create a bond.

Your logo along with a color scheme and tagline/slogan form the very core of your brand's personality and promise. It's your company's first impression to customers and the world.

6 Questions to Build a Better Brand:

  1. Who are you? - No really, what does your company believe in, what do you value?
  2. Who is your audience? - What group of people will you "bond" with?
  3. What problem will your company solve? - Does anyone care?
  4. What value will you add? - It's not enough to solve a problem, add value as well
  5. What makes you unique? - Why will customers come to you and not another company?
  6. What's your brand's personality? - People connect emotionally with an identity, not words

We have over 30 years experience in helping companies create brand identity. Sometimes the best sales driver is a complete brand overhaul. We know what to do, contact us now.

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