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About is a digital creative agency that designs, develops and launches next-generation solutions for businesses, no matter the size.

OK now that we've defined what we do, who are we, really?

We are a group of people that love what we do. There is no one at that doesn't have a passion for their specific field or specialty. We live and breathe our work and consider our clients part of the family.

Our designers design because they love colors and lines and fonts and shapes. Our developers get a rush from creating an app that helps people achieve their dreams. We are in the creation business, and we want to create something for you.

Rajma was started in 1998 by Rajma McKenzie. Don't let the name fool you, he's a nice Scotch-Irish boy that loves music and design, and decided to "do Internet stuff" as a hobby. Now after 19 years, he has managed to find a group of dedicated and very talented people to provide customers with top-notch services.

If you're thinking of doing some "Internet stuff", you should get a hold of us. Rajma still answers the phone and email from time to time.

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Our Process



Let us know exactly want you want and need. We'll start exploring the answers to your questions.

Define Process -


We'll start mapping out the details of your project and give you a clear picture of the process to follow.



Our designers will deliver clean, cutting-edge layouts that will drive success for your business.



Watch those masterpiece design come to life and inspire connections with your customers.



The most rewarding part of the project, watching your ideas come to life.